Setting SMART Goals

It’s time to make SMART goals. Where do you want to be in 5 years? How about in 2? This year maybe?

We all have goals and dreams. We have things we want to do, places we want to visit and things we’d like to accomplish. However sweet our plans seem, they are nothing without actions. We all want to wake up in 5 years in our dream homes with our dream cars etc. That’s all well and good. Except from the part where we’re not changing our actions to reflect that lifestyle. We are acutely aware that our choices today determine our tomorrow. Why then do we stay doing wishful thinking instead of actively working on those goals? Nothing ever came to those who slept and dreamt sweet dreams.

 ‘Start doing and stop ‘dreaming’.

The first thing you want to do is,

1. Define what you want.

Is it owning your own hair company in the next 5 years? Making £45k passive income? Reaching 5million followers on Instagram? All of the above?
Whatever it is, define what you want.


2. Write it down.

When you’ve got the mental picture then write it down. If you can, make it a vision board and get really creative adding things that bring your dream to life.
Next and most importantly, break those goals into small increments. For example,
I want to own my own hair company in 5 years. That means that everyday/week/end, I will:


– Perfect my craft by learning more about the subject. I will attend seminars/conferences/events that will increase my knowledge, improve my networking skills and give me access to my prospective clients/customers
– I will connect with future clients over social media by putting out relevant content
– I will get together with like minded people who I can build a team with

3. Put it into practice.

We’ve all heard about SMART goals so let’s put that into practice here with our above example.


Specific – I would like to own my own hair company. You’ve specified the type of company you’d like own.

Measurable – How will I measure my goal? You can include things like by mid year I would have hit 50+ sales.

Achievable – This is all about the logical steps to take towards your goal. Draw a timeline for every 6-12 months to track your progress. Something like Month 1- Attend XXX seminar. Month 2- Get up to 10 sales. Month 3- Establish social media presence by opening a new Instagram/twitter etc. And so on and so forth. The plan here is to take active steps to show how you’re doing and adjust anything as and when needed.

Realistic/Relevant – Is this a worthwhile goal? Do I have the necessary resources and capacity to see this all the way through? This one can get tricky as it’s all a matter of perspective. Therefore I’d use the rule of 3 to sift through. Ask 1 friend, 1 family member and 1 “independent” non family/friend to review your idea and see what they think. Chances are if they all say yes then you’re on a great start. If they all say no then you might need to do some tweaking.

Time bound – Taking the long view on this one, this would be the overall time needed to complete/reach the goal. So in this case, 5 years.

In Conclusion …

There’s so much more between the lines but these are the basic steps to get started on whatever great dream or plan you have for your life. You can apply this to any scenario in your life so go ahead and try it.

Please contact me if you need to talk through anything, I’d love to help.

You will succeed.

All the best,

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