3 Ways to Improve Your Savings Habit

Hey guys,

Thank you for joining me in today’s video. I hope you find it useful, and if you do then please like, share and leave us a comment on any questions you may have.  Stay tuned for the last in the series of the ABCs of SaveSpendInvest:  3 ways to start investing! Check out Part I on 3 Ways to Manage Your Spending Habits.

Apologies for the video quality, these videos were shot on my iPhone 7 as I didn’t have a camera at the time.





  1. thank you for this

    1. thank you for watching/reading girl! – Bukiie xx

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    1. Yes I agree, there are so many pro’s and con’s for deciding what route to go but I guess it all depends on priorities and the things that you’re happy to let go of and what you think is essential. Of course you can work around things such as general health insurance and pension funds whilst being self-employed, but the key thing is to be diligent and knowledgable about them. Thanks for stopping by!

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