An introduction

What is this whole Personal Finance thing about?

There are certain things in life you don’t learn at school, your parents might not necessarily teach you and your friends just don’t know enough to talk to you about it. Money management is one of them and for me, the biggest of them.
If you were fortunate enough to grow up in a comfortable or wealthy home then you may even be more shocked when you start to make your own money. You’re not sure where to put it, how to manage it or when to grow it. You are probably only sure of one thing – spending it. 
Over the last two years or so, I’ve realised there’s so much more to money than just spending, and through reading a lot of books, attending seminars and courses, I’ve picked up one or two things I think more people my age need to hear. But before we even get that far, a proper introduction.

Investing For Beginners

Investing is committing money to something which will give you additional returns or profit.
Laying down money now to receive more in future – Warren Buffet.


Today we’re looking at some common investment vehicles available. Most of them you can start with any amount of money once you’ve done your research, others will require some high capital investments. This is only a guide and some research I’ve done personally, and I’m no financial expert so please speak to a financial advisor for a more tailored and detailed approach to apply to yourself.
Investing is working smarter, not necessarily harder.

Stop Collecting Money and Start Doing This Instead

Yup that’s right, stop collecting and stashing money. I’m talking to all my savers who have been saving money for the last 3 years under their bed. Hunny, that money is depreciating not appreciating. Money is not made to be collected. It’s meant to be put to use, from spending to investing, money is supposed to be used to build the life you want.