2017 In Review & A Special Thank You

As my last post of the year 2017, I thought I’d use the opportunity to say a massive thank you to you.

For all your love and support, thank you

For the feedback and constructive criticisms, thank you

For the likes, comments, shares and subscriptions, thank you

For being patient and kind with your words, thank you


I appreciate every single email, comment, like and share and I do not take it for granted. So, to end the year, I thought I’d share some of the top 3 lessons I learnt during the year:

SAVESPENDINVEST Top 3 Lessons from 2017:

  1. You can do a lot with a little: I heard the phrase ‘Dignify the 40, before the 40,000’ from Bishop T.D. Jakes a few weeks ago. It was so relevant, not just from a financial perspective of appreciating the ‘little’ you have now before the lot, but from a general life view. Sometimes we focus too much on where we are going, we forget to acknowledge and be grateful for the now. This year has taught me to appreciate my journey no matter how rough the roads may be. I’m encouraging you as you enter the new year, heck even right now, take a minute. Take a minute to see all you have and line them up with your dreams. Appreciate the Toyota before the Tesla. The flat you’re renting before the home you will own. The friends and family that support your business before the investors that will. It’s easier to find faults than blessings, but today, right now, count your blessings. As the familiar song goes Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. Click To Tweet
  2. Live for today, but plan for tomorrow: Every now and again I do a life audit. Where am I at today, versus where do I want to be tomorrow? That one question tends to shift my focus away from a few things and towards more things that really matter. It’s OK to have fun, go out and enjoy yourself. You need it. Life is for the living after all. So as you plan and forge your way ahead towards financial independence, remember that. Live for today. Travel. Explore. Just LIVE.
  3. Change your mind, change your life: I cannot stop emphasising how the mind plays what I think is the biggest role in personal finance. Dave Ramsey said, ‘Personal Finance is 80% behaviour, 20% head knowledge.’ In other words, it has very little to do with numbers and more to do with your mindset (which drives your behaviour). Believe in the impossible. As you set your goals or/and resolutions for new year, dream big. Write goals that seem somewhat impossible. I assure you that nothing will be impossible for the mind that believes. The same way I got a First Class at Uni, (read my testimony here) is the same way all things in my life have come about. What do you really want to achieve in 2018? Whatever it is, I know you can do it if you really set your mind to it.


So for a great end to a beautiful beginning, thank you. Don’t forget to email me if you need any help planning for your 2018, have any questions or simply want to say hi 🙂 Better still, come say hello on my Instagram @bukiieSmart.


PS: We’re looking for contributors/writers and social media enthusiasts for 2018. If you’re interested in social media/digital marketing or a good content writer and would  love to work with us, we’d love you to come on board. Fill in the contact form and let us know.


Have a very Merry Christmas & A Financially-Free New Year!



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